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Intermittent Fasting Workbook

Do you struggle with motivation and always wondered what exactly is going on in your body while fasting?

If so, this workbook is for you. When I started fasting, I tried to find a product similar to this to help keep me motivated, understand what’s going on in my body while I fast, and reach my goals. I couldn’t find anything, so I decided to create this workbook for others who may be feeling the same frustrations. This workbook is applicable for both short or multiple days of fasts.

Here is what you get with this workbook…

  • Goal setting and progress tracking.
  • Various check-in points to record how you are feel, your cravings, hunger, and energy.
  • Information about what is happening in your body while you are fasting at different stages.
  • Learn the best ways to break your fast.
  • Learn about fat loss during a fast.
  • Learn multiple strategies to deal with emotional and physical hunger, as well as cravings.

This workbook costs only: $14.99

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