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Hey there,

I'm Katelin, a registered nurse and insomnia coach.   

I had severe insomnia for more than 20 years and now sleeping great. I help people with insomnia to sleep more so that they can feel great again too. And unlike most sleep coaches, I don’t teach sleep hygiene, CBTi, or suggest supplements/sleeping pills, but instead, I teach you how to eliminate the root cause of your insomnia so that you never have insomnia again.

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I'm not your typical insomnia coach.

If you are looking for a magical band-aid fix for your insomnia, then I’m not the right one for you. They don’t exist (I wish!) because they don’t solve the root cause of your insomnia, and it ends up coming back at some point.


I don’t teach CBTi, sleep hygiene, sleep restriction, or suggest any products to take. I teach a permanent long-term solution so that your insomnia never comes back again. If you are tired of the same old solutions that aren’t working and are noticing that they don’t work, then I’m your gal. If I can overcome more than 20 years of insomnia, then so can you.

Do you want to overcome insomnia?

Get your life & sanity back?
Wake up refreshed & full of energy?
And all in a gentle & peaceful way?
Guess what.... you're not alone.
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"Thank you Katelin. You really helped me a lot and had a great impact on me and my sleep. ❤️❤️❤️  Thank You Katelin!"


I tried everything for 2-years to overcome insomnia. I took pills, melatonin, meditation, sleep hygiene, not drinking coffee, not eating before bed, and nothing worked. Your information made me realize that to get rid of insomnia, you have to act like a natural sleeper. Your information is so amazing and helpful. Finally, after 2-years, I can sleep easily. I can watch tv before bed, I can eat before bed, and I can sleep soundly and naturally. Now I can say that I don't care about the hours that I sleep because I am a natural sleeper again thanks to you. Thank You! 😊

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